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Vinod Chandra S S

Department of Computer Science, Kariavattom Campus, University of Kerala, Thiruvananthapuram-695581 | e-mail:

His research concentrates on the design, analysis, and implementation of provably good Machine learning methods. His primary research interest is Machine-learning algorithms in various application fields. These areas include computational biology, machine intelligence and nature inspired algorithms.

Nadeera Beevi S

Department of Computer Applications TKM College of Engineering, Kollam | e-mail:

Her research works concentrates on Meta language frameworks and compiler associated tools. She has developed a Meta Platform for Java and C++ extendable to any object oriented languages. Her areas of interest also include compiler optimization and virtual machine architecture.

Salim A

Department of Computer Science, College of Engineering Trivandrum -695016 | e-mail:

He is interested in Computational biology algorithms with special focus on microRNAs. He had conducted many short-term courses and conducted many presentations. His present interest includes competing endogenous RNAs, where different RNA transcripts communicate with and co-regulate each other.

Maya Devi N

Department of Electrical Engineering, College of Engineering Trivandrum -695016 | e-mail:

She has collaborated with Kerala State Electricity Board and associated with Maniyar Hydro Electric Power Plant. Her area of research includes expert systems and machine intelligence techniques such as ANN and ILP. She has developed a prototype expert system for Fault Analysis and Forecasting of Power Plants.

John Prakash Joseph

Department of Electrical Engineering, College of Engineering Trivandrum -695016 | e-mail:

He is associated with KSEB distribution side and interested in harmonic studies. His area of interest includes VLSI design and Genetic algorithms.

Saritha R

Department of Computer Science, College of Engineering Trivandrum -695016 |

Nature inspired computing (NIC) is an emerging field of Computational Science. Her area of research interest is Swarm intelligence, a sub field of NIC. She is currently working on swarm-based algorithms for solving Global Optimization Problems.

Anand H S

Department of Computer Science, , Muthoot Institute of Technology and Science, Kochi - | e-mail:

His area of interest is in re-enforcement learning and Association rule learning algorithms. He has designed many research algorithms and backbone presenter of these algorithms in our group. He is handling presentations and technical talks in colleges, research institutions and departments.

Anusha A

Mumbai| e-mail:

Anusha is a computational biologist from the department of Computational Biology and Bioinformatics, University of Kerala. Her research interests are in biological soft computing techniques and specialize in machine learning algorithms for the computational analysis of short non-coding RNAs. Currently she is focussing on the analysis and prediction of piRNAs.

R Ananthalakshmi Ammal

Broadcast & Communications Group, Centre for Development of Advanced Computing, Thiruvananthapuram | e-mail:

Her research interests include Autonomic Network Management Systems (NMS), Bio-inspired algorithms for network management and Software Defined Networking. She is the Principal Investigator for the indigenous development of open standards based NMS for large, heterogeneous nationwide networks.

Raji C G

Department of Information Technology, M E A Engineering College Perinthalmanna, Malappuram| e-mail:

Her area of interest is health informatics, a multidisciplinary field including both computer science and medicine. Her research work includes in the field of organ transplantation and its survival rate prediction by machine learning techniques.

Suma L S

Department of Computer Science & Engineering, College of Engineering Karunagappally, Kollam | e-mail:

Her research is design of Nature inspired optimization techniques to solve Computational Biology problems.Suma gives keen interest in Micro array gene expression data analysis. Taking the gene expression data as a large matrix, variants of a powerful technique, NMF(Non negative matrix factorization) were applied for mining biologically meaningful patterns.