IPR >>

Ananthalakshmi Ammal, Patent for "Bio-inspired Controller for Finding Disjoint Paths in Software Defined Networks", No. 201841017231, Dated: 12-10-2018

Vinod Chandra S S, Literary work for "Phototropic Algorithm", No. 2148/2018-CO/L, Dated.28-03-2018

Anand H S, Literary work for "Association Rule Mining Using Treap", No. 1293/2015-CO/L, Dated.13-08-2018

Saritha R, Literary work for "Mixed Species Particles Flocking Algorithm for Multi Objective Optimization", No. 3788/2016-CO/L, Dated.22-05-2017

Saritha R, Literary work for "Multi dimensional honey bee foraging algorithm based on optimal energy consumption", No. 5500/2015-CO/L, Dated.19-10-2015.

Vinod Chandra S S, Literary work for "Smell Detection Agent based Optimization Algorithm", No. 55325/2014-CO/L, Dated.23-12-2014.

Ph D Completed >>

Saritha R, Title of the work: "Swarm Intelligence based Algorithms for Multi Objective Optimization".Awarded - September 2018.

Anusha A, Title of the work: "Computational Profiling and Prediction of piRNA Sequences".Awarded - March 2018.

Salim A, Title of the work: "Machine Learning Approaches to Cancer Prediction Using Computational Profiling of microRNA Expression". Awarded - December 2017.

Raji C G, Title of the work: "Computational Techniques for Prolonged Survival Prediction after Organ Transplantation". Awarded - May 2017.

Anand H S, Title of the work: "Study on the Association rule learning algorithms to make more optimised rules".Awarded - December 2016.

Maya Devi N, Title of the work: "Design of Real Time Expert System for Fault Analysis and Forecasting of Power Plants".Awarded - February 2016.

Nadeera Beevi S, Title of the work: "A Meta framework for error free program transformation". Awarded - April 2015

Honours >> Best Paper Award

Vinod Chandra S S, IT Award for best web site from Government of Kerala 2017-18

Anand H S, Springer International Conference on Data Mining and Big Data (DMBD), 25 - 30 June 2016, Bali, Indonesia.

Salim A, IEEE International Conference on Computational Intelligence and Computing Research(ICCIC), Madurai, TamilNadu, India,26-28 December 2013

Anand H S, International Conference in Emerging Trends in computing, communication and Nanotechnology (IEEE ICE-CCN), Tuticorin, TamilNadu, India, 25 - 26 March 2013

Organised >> Conference / Workshop

Anand H S, IEEE Eighth International Conference on Smart Computing & Communications, 1-3, July 2021.

Vinod Chandra S S,Second International Conference on Artificial Intelligence & Society, University of Kerala, 26-28 March 2021.

Vinod Chandra S S, National Conference on Deep Learning & Applications, 19-20 February 2021

Salim A, IEEE International Conference on Control, Communication and Computing (IC4 2018), 05-07 July 2018

Raji C G, Workshop - "Voice Control Robot", 06-07 March 2018

Nadeera Bevi, Workshop - "Machine Learning Algorithms", 08-12 January 2018

Salim A, Workshop - "Algorithms in Machine Learning", 18-22 December 2017.

Nadeera Bevi, Workshop - "Nature Inspired Optimisations", 16-11 May 2016.

Vinod Chandra S S, International Conference - "Bioinformatica Indica 16", 07-09 January 2016.

Salim A, Workshop - "Machine Learning", 05-09 January 2015.

Salim A, Workshop - "Threat Modelling and Analysis for Software Solutions", 05 December 2013

Salim A, Workshop - "LaTeX", 16-20, December 2013

Vinod Chandra S S, International Conference - "Bioinformatica Indica 12", 12-14 January 2012