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  • Research, Innovation & Excellence


We at MIR don't limit ourselves to learning about the newest technological innovations worldwide; we are actively involved in the innovation process ourselves. The sheer number of technical articles the members produce annually, and the number of copyrights and patents we filed annually is a testimonial to this fact. Our members are invited to give expert sessions annually in India and internationally. MIR group also has veterans from Symbolic and sub-symbolic machine learning algorithms, Nature-inspired optimization algorithms, and Multinomial logistic regression techniques. The recently popular areas of technological development are also passionate fields of interest for members of the MIR group. Here at MIR, we learn together. We encourage interactive discussions and celebrate individual ideas rather than a stereotypical group activity. We promote T-shaped learning at MIR, because we uphold the importance of having more profound expertise in your areas of interest. We firmly believe that no scientific creation is beyond the scope of our dreams, hard work, dedication, and commitment. We make things happen..!!

What happens when machines become more intelligent than humans? Humans steer the future, not because we are the strongest or the fastest species on this planet, but because we are the smartest. When machines become more intelligent than humans, why not hand them the responsibility? The machine learning field is continuously evolving. Along with evolution comes a rise in demand and importance. We at the MIR group make machines more intelligent, but we ensure our creations always positively impact future generations. We are providing expertise to the academia and industries.


The new focus of the MIR group is Nature-inspired algorithms in the engineering optimization domain. This method works by studying how several phenomena occur and using that knowledge to solve problems and develop new computing methods. This group involved unique expertise in swarm intelligence, bioinspired, and evolutionary algorithms. The MIR group has developed and filed several IPRs for new nature-inspired algorithms. It offers expert classes and consultancies in the fields of interest to industries, education institutions, and research organizations.


The future of machine learning is tremendously exciting, and the application of machine learning power in almost every domain, like healthcare, search engines, digital marketing, and education. We at MIR are many people from diverse workplaces, namely research institutes, industry, and educational institutions, who all came together to work towards a single goal: Machine learning. The members of this group are currently working on several machine learning applications, Analogical modelling, Probably approximately correct learning, Ripple-down rules and knowledge acquisition methodology.

About Us

Machine Intelligence Research Group is an academic consortium focused on innovation and research excellence. The group comprises several leading academicians and scientists from various organisations in and around Kerala's capital.